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Color Matching Water Borne Paints

Our paint shop has a 40 ft booth capable of handling large vehicles.  We use PPG products and color matching software and tools.  Our technicians have many years of experience specifically on RV body work and painting skills. They are capable of using single stage paint and two stage paint.  Our technicians understand the processes and know when to use them and how to use them. 

Color matching skills is a must in our beautiful state of California as paint shops are required to use water borne products to protect the environment.  At our shop we take pride that our Painters make sure to match the right color.  Sometimes, it takes 1 hr to 3 days to color match what’s on your RV.  Since RV manufacturers do not use the same color formula or part for more than a couple a years at a time, we have the challenge of matching the color, re-creating your decals or fabricating your parts.